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Helping Confidence Bloom

The Step-by-Step Approach to Raising Confident Girls

You can spot a confident girl in a crowd. Her authenticity sparkles, and she knows her own value. She’s the girl who throws herself into life, whether she’s studying chemistry or building a treehouse. She’s the one who smiles at the classmate who’s being excluded and invites her in. She’s the adolescent who bravely says no when her friends want to drink and drive.

The “little things” are really the big things when it comes to building self-worth—or eroding it. Helping Confidence Bloom shows step by step, with an abundance of examples, how to provide a space where girls know that they will be heard, understood, accepted, championed for their efforts, validated, and given the leadership they need to bloom.

This action-oriented approach will change the way you think about yourself and what it means to be a mom. You’ll gain the insight and skills to transform your relationship with your daughter while learning strategies for teaching boundaries, persistence, values, optimism, leadership, and more.

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When “Calm Down!” Isn’t Enough

How to Tackle Meltdowns, Anxiety, and Depression with Your Daughter

One thing’s for sure. There’s no doubt that kids have plenty to “melt down” about right now — and parents, too. Homeschooling is tough; missing friends is tough; being cooped up together for extended periods of time is tough. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to help.

When “Calm Down!” Isn’t Enough is a mini-course that will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of the Helping Confidence Bloom approach to growing your daughter’s confidence and resilience. You’ll learn specific things you can do and say to help your daughter’s emotions stabilize when she’s overwhelmed. As well, you’ll gain an understanding of why things you say and do can backfire spectacularly! Watch, listen, learn in your own time, at your own pace.

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P.S. Saying “Calm Down!” has almost never helped, right?

Does this sound like you?

Online learning can be a great fit if your style is to:

Work at your own pace

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With online courses, you can get to work today — or next week. There’s no pressure to start or finish by any specific date. The materials are yours to keep and use when you’re ready to learn.

Choose when & where

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Open up your course on your desktop, tablet, or phone — whenever you have some time. Whether it’s waiting for a grocery store pick-up or watching the kids as they play in the yard, your materials are there for you.

Learn *your* way

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Each online course includes downloadable video presentations, audio files, transcripts, tools and/or games, action steps, and journaling thought-starters. Watch, listen, experiment, look inside yourself, add a game into the mix — it’s a powerful combination.

Dive in!

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Like anything else, your gains from taking a course are commensurate with the time and effort you dedicate to learning and implementing what you learn. It takes real commitment to the goals you have for your daughter and your relationship with her. Whether it’s building her confidence and resilience; enriching your relationship; or a fierce determination to provide a better experience for her than what you had — or a stronger sense of “being enough” — those goals will carry you through.

Be your own boss 🙂

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Online courses are great — actually, I love them myself. But remember — you’re the one setting the goals and the pace. It’s up to you to persist. So rev up that persistence engine!


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It is incredibly exciting to see your daughter’s confidence bloom! It’s beyond gratifying to be able to build the trusting bond between you. And this you can share in our private Facebook Group, available to you when you purchase a course. I’ll be there listening insmile.

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