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The Wildflower House Experience

Wildflower House strives to be a source of education, energy, inspiration, and transformation for women who will not stand for their children being forced into a mold; who are deeply committed to eliciting each child’s voice, each child’s self; women who are finding the courage to know themselves and to be precisely who they are, quirks inclusive, without apology.

Our virtual classroom is a place where you are invited to be authentic, speak your thoughts, and feel empowered to manifest what is in your heart. It is a place where you can be complete.

Classes here leave participants more able to be themselves out in the world and to elicit the unique self in each of their children.

NOTE: Currently classes are available to groups of 4-10 women. It’s a great experience for moms, one that I love to provide. If you’d like to discuss what a class would be like for your group, please contact me, and we’ll talk about the options! 

The Advantages of the Virtual Classroom

Raising Confident Girls is a great topic for moms to learn about and talk about together with other women who share this deeply important goal. If you’ve never attended a virtual class, you’re in for a treat. I love online classes and webinars, and here are the reasons why.

Busy, busy, busy!

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No matter how busy you get, if the class you need is offered online, you can usually attend — because you don’t have to drive to get there.

Download everything!

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The handouts and tools are provided to you electronically.  All you have to do is click “Save as” and presto!  — you have the information downloaded to your computer.

Multi-task (if you must).

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You can multi-task.  You can walk the dog and listen; drive and listen; cook and listen; even work at your desk and listen

Meet amazing people!

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When there’s a class in another city — or another country — you can take it!  I’ve had the opportunity to make friends with people all over the world because of “being in class together” with this technology.

No pressure!

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It’s even more interactive than being there in person.  You can email a question in advance. Or you can ask during the class or even type a question into the live chat bar.  It’s instant and personal consultation.

Don't worry about noise!

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If you’re in a noisy environment, no problem.  With one click, you can mute yourself so no one else can hear the racket!

Joining a class is “easy as pie”.

  1.  Simply sign up for the class.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the name, time and date of the class, as well as directions for calling in. You can reply to this email with specific questions that you would like addressed during the call.
  3. A reminder email will arrive in your inbox a few days before the class and on the day of. In it, you’ll find directions for “raising your hand”. This technology allows you to alert me that you’d like to make a comment or ask a question; that way, there’s no stress around pushing your way into the conversation to be heard.
  4. Your reminder email will also provide the link to any handouts and tools that go with the class.
  5. Not able to make the live call? A couple of days after the class, you’ll be notified that the recording is available for you to download and listen to.

Bottom line: I’m busy, and virtual classes let me do it all — plus talk directly to the speaker and meet amazing people.  I think you’ll love this!

I hope to see you in class!

It all begins with connecting

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The best way to figure out whether (or which) Raising Confident Girls programs are for you is to schedule a time for us to talk. To connect, please use the Contact form  — or call 513.677.9800 or email franhendrick [AT SYMBOL] (no spaces).

When's the best time?

The simple answer is: Any time. That’s because whether school’s in or school’s out, you can learn to spot a gazillion opportunities every day to inspire your daughter’s confidence in herself.