1:1 Mentoring

Mentoring is offered via private video conferencing and can also include ongoing communication through private chat to provide support and direction between sessions. To guide your learning, the Helping Confidence Bloom: A Step-by-Step Guide for Moms can also be included in your plan.

Embark on a Heart Steps Transformation

Your Path as a Parent

 It’s impossible to protect your daughter from all of life’s pitfalls. But through your relationship, you can build her resilience, confidence, and self-worth so she can bounce back from disappointments, tough breaks, and even failures.

Developed for moms of girls of all ages, the step-by-step Raising Confident Girls approach will change the way you think about yourself and what it means to be a mom. Through 1:1 mentoring, you’ll gain the insight and skills to transform your relationship with your daughter while learning strategies for teaching boundaries, persistence, values, optimism, leadership, and more.  Choose between live video conferencing sessions, private online discussion, and the Helping Confidence Bloom ecourse. All will guide you in how to fill the three central roles of mothering—mirror, anchor, and mentor—in the small moments that make up everyday life.

Your Path as an Individual

It’s your journey, too. It takes a quiet, powerful certainty about yourself to allow your daughter the freedom to express and to be all that is within her. As you learn how to use the magic of small moments to elicit, amplify, and nurture your daughter’s unique voice, you will strengthen your own. Offering a lucid, inspiring window into your daughter’s inner world and emotional development, the Raising Confident Girls journey is your chance to do something for yourself that can simultaneously change the course of your daughter’s life.

Creating Your Personal Mentoring Plan

Individual mentoring with Fran Hendrick can include one or all of these components.

1:1 Video Conferencing

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Live video calls provide the ultimate in connection, flexibility, and accessibility. There’s nothing like talking face-to-face to gain a  trusting relationship where you can share your goals and concerns; and gain the personal insight, skills, and tools to address them. 

I began my work online with parents in 2003, and I’ll admit that I came in as a skeptic. Can this really work? I wondered. Will parents feel understood and supported? The answer is a resounding Yes!  What I discovered is that while working online is a different  experience from meeting in an office, it is not a lesser experience. 

In fact, it offers the unexpected benefit of being able to take a moment to, for example, introduce me to other of your family members — and them to me. That can be a big help in catalyzing trust and change.

And, of course, there is the convenience factor. No driving time, no geographical boundaries.

It’s a fresh way of working, and I hope you’ll share my excitement in the possibilities it offers.

Helping Confidence Bloom

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I created Helping Confidence Bloom: A Step-by-Step Guide for Moms as a multi-media teaching tool and resource for moms. This interactive ecourse truly accelerates our work together, because you’re able to learn and experiment with insights, tools, games, and strategies on your own, reserving 1:1 sessions for talking through specific situations and concerns. That time-savings is both efficient and cost-effective.

You’ll find the full scoop on this upbeat, action-oriented course right here [ADD LINK].

Help Between Sessions

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Communicate with me on your password-protected discussion where you can exchange documents, store coaching tools, share your work. Online consultation during your membership as often as you like, whenever you want. You’ll receive an answer within one business day — so there’s always help and support available.

Change doesn’t happen overnight — but sometimes it does happen in the middle of the night.

Working toward the wishes and aspirations you have for your life is an ongoing process, one that you’ll find yourself involved in even in your sleep! Working virtually allows you to log in and record your epiphanies and questions at any hour of the day or night — and I’ll respond to you within one business day. This is a highly effective approach for developing parenting strategies individualized to the unique needs of your daughter.

 If your style of personal growth includes writing, working virtually may be a perfect fit for you. And if you’re searching as a parent for strategies to meet your daughter’s unique needs, working online allows us to exchange ideas, develop and implement parenting strategies, and fine tune them immediately. As you can see, working virtually can really accelerate the process, because our conversation is ongoing rather than once a week.

Some Quick (but important) Clarification

Our Work Together Is…

Heart Steps is a highly flexible set of coaching, educational and consultation services that are customized to your unique needs.

Our Work Together Is Not…

Heart Steps is not therapy. It is not a medical service, so there is no mental health diagnosis involved. Because they are non-medical, Heart Steps services are not insurance billable.  However, you may wish to consult with your tax adviser as to whether they may qualify as a medical deduction for tax purposes, in either the preventive or psychoeducational category.  

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The best way to figure out whether (or which) Raising Confident Girls programs are for you is to schedule a time for us to talk. To connect, please use the Contact form — or call (513) 677-9800 or email franhendrick [AT SYMBOL] franhendrick.com (no spaces).

When's the best time?

The simple answer is: Any time. That’s because whether school’s in or school’s out, you can learn to spot a gazillion opportunities every day to inspire your daughter’s confidence in herself.